Salutations! (for all of you non-French speakers out there, I think that word directly translates to “friends”) Anyways, here I am for my second ever blog entry. I actually am so new to this thing that I had to look up the word blog to see what it even means. It comes from the term web log. Neat! That’s just me doing research. Regardless, I figured I’d try it out again because I basically tore the internet a new one with my last blog. Enough with all of this serious talk though. Let’s talk about some real matters.

Tyler and I are in our third week of being in the studio here in Los Angeles, and we’re better friends than ever! We are just two guys from Columbus Ohio, so we’re really trying to get used to this whole California thing. I’d say we’re totally fitting in…sunbathing on the pier at the beach with our shoes and socks on, or walking around eating Del Taco everywhere we go. West Coast stuff. We’re practically locals. As far as the studio goes, it has been extremely productive. Working with Greg Wells (our producer) and Ian MacGregor (engineer) has been a total treat. We personally could not imagine anyone else working on this record with us. They are just taking our ideas and using both their knowledge of how to make songs sound incredible and the amazing gear in this studio to get these songs sounding exactly how we envisioned before we even walked in here. We have 7 songs basically wrapped up and are continuing to push forward.

Working with our new label, Fueled By Ramen, has so far been great. They have been very supportive of every decision we have made so far. With that being said… one thing we have all decided together, since they like the songs we currently have so much, we have collectively decided to make this album a combination of a handful of songs from Regional at Best and the rest of the songs brand new. Every song is being re-recorded to sound much bigger and better. I truly believe that you will really enjoy how these sound.

Other than that, we have just been soaking in the experience. And by that I mean soaking in the hot tub water, the Thai Tea, and just spending as much time as possible with the famous-est celebrities out there today. We really miss our moms, so that’s been tough…but we just drown our sorrows by eating a doughnut, and then we’re fine. Since this has gone on so long, I’m going to log off the internet. But before I go, I’d like to sing you a song.

You probably didn’t hear the song I just sang, because this is a blog on the internet, not iTunes, ya goof. Cya,


PS working out is going great.

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