Well hello. Does anyone ever get stage fright? Well I don’t really….but I do get blog fright. So I’m just going to imagine that I’m just writing this as a letter to my mom. Actually now I’m more nervous. I guess I’l just imagine that I’m simply doing what I did in the old days, which is put my personal ad in the dating section of the weekly local newspaper, because no one ever read that (or at least that’s what I tell myself). 

So here we are. Workweek 1 in the studio is about to be wrapped up. That kind of feels weird to say. This “studio” experience as Twenty One Pilots or even as “Tyler and Josh” is a new one. From working in a place other than Tyler’s basement, to working with a producer (not to mention one of the best there is), to recording real live drums (this is a first for Twenty One Pilots), it’s all new. As for all humans, trying new things can usually be pretty scary (okay, I don’t want to short change those who it’s not scary for. IE: Bear Grylls, [probably] Will Smith, my grandma - Eleanor Dun, and that guy from Man vs. Food). 

We arrived into Los Angeles on Sunday evening and headed to our apartment for the month. I don’t have much to report on from the first night, simply because I don’t remember anything…we were both pretty white girl wasted the whole time (from pure excitement only). Monday we got in the studio and gave our producer, Greg Wells, a huge hug. We found out right off the bat that he is not a “hugger”. Our day was off to a great start! The first day we recorded everything that needed to be recorded for the first song and it sounded great instantly. Day two, we just built off the first day’s work and just made it sound so much bigger and better than where it was at before. We then moved on to song 2. The only thing that needs to be said about it is….there is an 80’s synth bass line in it, so if you’re a fan of driving fast in a convertible with the top down, or ice cream sundaes, or theme parks with your best friends, or the feeling of 3 days of school canceled in a row, or funnel cakes, or birthdays, or holding hands with someone you have a crush on for the first time, or…..I don’t know where I’m going with this. Hopefully you like the song.

Basically we’re happy about where we’re at, what we have done so far, and excited to keep going and hopefully be a part of the coolest thing we’ve ever done. We’re also most excited about all the Thai Tea. What? You’ve never had Thai Tea? Well, I’m sorry for you. 

-Josh  (23/m/OH) (this is going in the dating ads, right?)

ps, we’ve also been working out.

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